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Fixin' Up Our House!'s Journal
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Date:2016-02-11 12:19
Subject:Mr. Newman Meets The Winsdors

Years ago Jack Newman had a relatively unique experience when called out to repair a garage door, and he recounted this story one day around the dinner table. Recalling a drive out to a large house, with a history of having a ghost on the property. Arriving at the house, he was confronted with not one, but three garage doors, all Crawford Marvel-Lift from the 1960s. This type of garage door repair could be difficult, but he was well versed with this model. Jack Newman soon discovered the ghost, hiding behind the broken garage door... check out my blog to read about what he found!

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Date:2011-11-07 09:47
Subject:Valspar Duramax?

So we have some radiators that have been painted with what seems to be lead-based paint (based on a cheapy test kit). A painting guy we have doing some other work says it can be painted over and sealed with "Valspar Duramax."

Does that sound legit? Should we do that? I googled it and it sounds like an "exterior" paint so I wonder why he would want to use it indoors. Is there something special about that brand or something?

I'm being paranoid about lead paint now that I have a baby and one of the radiators is in his room.

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Date:2011-08-02 09:01
Subject:Soldering Pipes now Water Tastes Funny

We're doing a bathroom renovation. Over the weekend my husband soldered an end cap on to the cold water line where the faucet will go and a stop valve on the toilet line. Now the water coming out of the kitchen faucet tastes funny and it is very bubbly. They are both on the first floor. I haven't tried drinking the water from any other faucet in the house.

I want to assume that we just need to let the water run to get the taste to come back to normal and stop the bubbles but it has been two days and with regular usage it still tastes funny. I've done 4 loads of laundry, ran the dishwasher, we've both showered a couple times, etc. so lots of water in the house has been used though not necessarily from the kitchen faucet. Do I specifically need to just let the kitchen faucet run for awhile?

Again assuming it is from the soldering that is causing it, will it eventually taste okay even though the pipe is capped and water isn't running through in the bathroom where the soldering was done? Plus I know once we get around to installing the new sink this is probably going to happen again and I'd like to be able to prevent it next time.

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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Date:2011-05-08 20:18
Subject:basement remodelling

Hi everyone.  I am in the process of finishing my basement.  Trying to figure out what carpet to buy.  A bit worried about the possibility of water coming into my basement at some point.  Does anyone know if there are types of carpet that can handle getting wet and drying out without getting ruined?  Thanks.

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Date:2010-11-09 14:06
Subject:Kitchen Remodel Help

We are about to embark on a kitchen remodel and my husband and I can not agree on paint colors. Below are 2 pictures of our current kitchen (color/border done by previous owners). We want to paint the cabinets (can't afford to replace them) either white or an espresso to match the kitchen table. Which one? What color for the walls?!
Does any inspiration strike you?

Cabinets-- white or espresso? New hardware too.

Paint colors, below and above chair rail-- help!

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Date:2010-10-13 15:03
Subject:does replacing a granite/quartz vanity top require buying a new cabinet?

Hello. Does replacing a granite/quartz canity top require buying a new cabinet?

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Date:2010-10-06 10:41
Subject:Metal Stair Railing

We have metal stair railing in our house. Its the old kind with the twisty and curly looking rods. It has layers of paint on it that are chipping away. Any suggestions for sand paper and painting methods?

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Date:2010-09-29 14:41
Subject:single or double handle faucet in a powder room

Hello. I am remodeling the sink and vanity in my powder room. I currently have a single handle faucet. Which kind of faucet would you choose: single or double. I googled this question and everybody says the same: single is practical but double is beautiful. Any other consideration like trends or durability?

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Date:2010-06-16 22:46
Subject:green front door?

Hello. My house has dark green front door and shutters. The paint on the door is peeling and I decided to paint it the same color. However, I read an article about "unlucky front green doors". http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/3358262/First-impressions.html
The article is British, though, and Ii am not sure whether this belief holds for the USA. Do you share these associations? My question is not about colors but about cultural beliefs and associations.

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Date:2010-06-14 23:19
Subject:tile for garage entry and powder room

Hello. I am looking for tile for my garage entry area and powder room (these two areas are adjacent in my home). This is going to be a very high traffic area. What kind of tile wouild you recommend for this case? I love natural stone but will it be a good idea for a high traffic area contacting with mud and water?

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Date:2010-04-18 14:34
Subject:Looking for some help regarding a propsed addition

My husband and I have been seriously discussing putting an addition on to our house. We have a back porch that we would like to tear down, and put a small 2 story addition (mud room, half bath on bottom, master suite on top).

What I'd LOVE to find, if possible, is a cheap or free online program that allows me to "sketch" out ideas. I have all these pictures in my head and no way to get them onto paper. There is a very good chance that what I'd like to do isn't feasible.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Date:2010-04-14 21:12

Hello, could you recommend me choose a shed? I would like a wood shed. Most stores don't show many on display and ordering through the Internet is like buying a cat in a sack.

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Date:2010-04-05 15:21
Subject:slate patio over/instead of concrete patio

Hello. I have a concrete patio. It slightly sank. I am thinking of remodeling it into a slate patio. IS it possible to put slates onto concrete or is it necessary to remove the concrete?

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Date:2010-02-22 16:03
Subject:a good time to buy outdoor furniture

Hello, is now a good time to buy garden furniture. It must increase in price in spring, but will it be better to wait until mid summer?

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Date:2010-02-02 09:31
Subject:choosing a window rod

Hello. A room has the light fixture in old bronze (dark brown matte) finish:

THe room also has window panels with brushed nickel grommets

The question is: which window rod should used: dark brown or nickel?

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Date:2010-01-18 13:34
Subject:Ideas? Help?

I live in a three story house. We started noting some water damage on the ceiling of the second floor that we couldn't decide whether it was tied to plumbing or possible rain. Well, with an epic (for LA) rain storm happening right now, I've definitely confirmed that it is rain related.

The problem is, there is nothing wet on the third floor. How could I be getting rain in through the second floor ceiling if it's not coming through the third floor? Any ideas? Not sure whether to call a plumber or a roofer at this point.

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Date:2010-01-10 09:14

Hi! I've been a member here since... oh approximately since the internet began, but I don't recall if I've made an actual post. I'm constantly renovating things and have about a million projects that I've posted in my own journal, but I thought maybe I would start sharing after seeing more activity here lately.

This is partially cross-posted from my own journal, the post is public if you want to see the other irrelevant bits that I've left out.

So when we mentioned this project to Neal's friends, the first thing they asked was, "What's wrong with Neal's bathroom?" Now, I know what you're thinking, but NO! none of these people were blind OR stupid. The only thing I can guess it that it was some kind of bizarre rite of politeness along the lines of, "You had your leg amputated? No, it doesn't show a bit! Never would have guessed!" What was wrong with Neal's bathroom? WHAT WASN'T?!

Fortunately Neal kept me sane entertained with spoken word Ken-Burns-style "Letters From the Front" such as:

Dear Beloved Wife,

We are about to undertake a most undesirable task. The bathroom lay before us, mocking all by its very existence. We are told that what we will do here will be for the greater good. And yet even in knowing this, fear knots up inside most. Your loving husband,

Lt. David Ambrose

Just just how bad was it? To start with, some previous owner had painted the tile which was, I suppose, a fine idea considering she was also the sort of person to glue lace to the walls. Obviously painted tile is a gamble someplace they will be coated in water frequently and, somewhat predictably, the paint started to peel. At some point Neal coated the tub again with bathtub paint in an attempt to improve the situation. It did not and here is what it looked like the first time I encountered it:

This is going to take awhile, she thought as she waited for 40 pictures to upload.Collapse )

So that's where we started. Step 1 was to scrape off all the paint. This was the longest part of the project, particularly the bathtub. Once I'd finished the shower area, I grouted and caulked it so that I could at least take baths. I managed to get most of this done while Neal was at work so he could help with the REALLY fun stuff, but I think we were off to a good start:

Let's check in with the brave men on the frontlines:

Dearest Beatrice,

It’s been days since we finished scraping all the tiles. We began our siege on the vanity this morning and now it is night. I find myself in the dark unable to unsee what I have witnessed today. Only the memory of your face keeps me alive. Your devoted husband,

Lt. David Ambrose

Huh. I wonder just what it was that Lt. Ambrose witnessed?Collapse )
By the time Christmas Eve rolled around we were ready to have some REAL fun. Armed only with a vague knowledge of electrical wiring, a newly purchased multimeter and a completely unadvisable amount of Bailey's and coffee, we tore into rewiring the light switch. It was supposed to go like this: take out the old switch, remove the circuit for the fan so it could be switched separately from the sconces, put in new switches. It did NOT go like that. I called both of my parents to ask questions before realizing I should probably call my brother. So with Jon on speakerphone we managed to get through identifying all of the circuits and very nearly getting it all working - SIX HOURS LATER. Oh my god. I learned just enough about electrical wiring that if you ever ask me to help with electrical wiring I will probably flip out and punch you in the balls. I'd rather get anally raped by clowns than ever put in another lightswitch. Lt. Ambrose knows what I mean:

My Sweet Love,

We’ve been stuck in a dead lock with the light switch for weeks now. The general continues to press the issue even though, in his ignorance, all may soon be lost. Many dead. Pray for me, and all of us. Your loving husband,

Capt. David Ambrose


And it's all properly labelled now, too.

Now that we can actually USE the switch, let's see about replacing that fan, shall we?Collapse )

And now I suppose I've put you through enough that you deserve some "After" pictures.
Right this way, my patient friends.Collapse )

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Date:2010-01-10 09:37
Subject:New Member

Hey there! I just joined, I go by the name of Jae or Jaelle, and I own a house. It's 35 years old and well kept until the point we got it and now it's up to me to keep it going. My job is to do all the things that are vaguely decorative. Like painting, floors, doors, walls, decorations on windows, gardening etc. My bf does all the stuff that's heavy duty and electric and that's a good share.

My latest project was painting the staircase. It was quite a task because the house is on a hill and thus has four floors of staircase *ooof*
Read more...Collapse )

I'm looking forward to see other people's projects!
Tata for now

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Date:2009-12-15 22:57

So, I have recently discovered a lot of free time (as per my journal name=^_^=) and I think it would be a lovely time to at least look into getting my home maintenance in order...So my questions are as follows...

If you have cruddy linoleum floors, and would like to replace them with something more durable, attractive (of the tile-looking variety), but not so costly you'll need to leave for a poorhouse, what do you choose?? Maybe 500 square feet, tops, if that helps?

My walls are now painted in the new two-tone fashion...light blue on bottom, soft butter shade on top, with a white stripe in the middle. I want the middle stripe to be white chair rail (I think this is what it is called...it shows up quite often in home improvement/Southern living mags). How do I go about doing this? What pitfalls do I need to watch out for? What tools do I need?

And last, but not least, outside we have started clearing an area to extend our patio. We would like it to be a stone surface where we can put a grill and maybe a couple of chairs. Would it be best to do this by using those little concrete stone-molds you can get at Lowe's/Home Depot, or would it be easier and more durable in the long-run to just get patio stones and lay them out? Any special hints to help with either of these choices?

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Date:2009-12-05 13:59
Subject:Wood Burning Stove

So our fireplace sucks. We can't get it to heat the house well despite efforts to fix the problem.

I would like to get a wood burning stove and place inside the fireplace, or some other type of inexpensive option. Can I vent a wood burning stove through the fireplace? Or would I need to use some sort of pipe?

What are my other options for naturally warming my home? OUr heat is the only thing that uses natural gas, so I don't have the gas turned on. I live in Atlanta so its not really cold, but sometimes, like this week, blankets alone aren't cutting it and Im using a space heater.

I would prefer something I can put in the fireplace since the space isn't being used anyway.

Thanks in advance.

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